events – convicts-and-wenches


event date Sunday 3 April 2016 - now held - 2017 TBA

event options

  • 5 km run / walk, on Greens Beach.
  • 12 km run / walk, from Greens Beach, follow the coastal track to West Head carpark and back.
  • 25 km run, first run in an easterly direction along the length of Greens Beach and then back, then proceed in a westerly direction along the coastal track past West Head carpark, along Badger's beach to the aid stations in the park at the western end of the beach, then back to the start/finish precinct.
  • 50 km run from Greens Beach, westwards through West Head carpark, along Badgers Beach, across Badgers headland and then along Bakers Beach to the western end, turn around and run back along the same route to the start/finish precinct.
  • 50 km relay teams of two, same route as the 50 km solo option; except that one runner runs out for 25kms, the other back. Note: enter your team name in the drop down box provided in the online entry portal.